Friday, August 10, 2012

Bananas for Bananas!

Do you struggle to find produce that your kids will eat and actually enjoy? Then turn to bananas! The yellow fruit is one of the most popular, especially for kids. Children love their sweet flavor and smooth texture. Bananas are available all year round, making them something you can easily enjoy and add to your weekly grocery list. They are also a great snack because of their versatility—you can eat it in so many delicious varieties! Here are some fun ideas:

Fresh fruit salad: Cut bananas and melons into interesting shapes and sizes. This sweet colorful snack will not only taste good, but look beautiful  as well!

Banana, Berry Smoothie: Blend together a frozen banana, a cup of frozen berries, and a half a cup of milk of choice (almond, rice, whole, skim) to have an easy, cool treat. Add some protein powder, chocolate, yogurt, or what ever you have on hand and you have a nutritious quick mini meal.

 Fruit kabobs: Using chop sticks, thread cut up bananas, apples, berries, and whatever else your kids like onto a stick. You could even add cheese for some added protein.

Banana Pops: Cut bananas in half, put popsicle sticks in each piece. Dip the banana pops into melted chocolate or peanut butter and top with your kids' favorite nuts. Freeze for a  healthy dessert or snack!

Baby banana sandwiches: Cut up a banana put slices in between two whole grain crackers with some nut butter. The combination of sweet and salty with smooth and crunchy makes this snack really yummy!

Banana "soft serve" with nut butter: Throw a frozen banana in the blender and it will quickly turn into an ice cream like treat! To add some staying power to this snack, add some fun flavor options; nut butter or cocoa powder will turn it into the perfect dessert!

Bananas are high in potassium and contain moderate amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin B. Consumption of bananas has been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers as well as regulate dopamine levels, which play a crucial role in mental and physical health.