Sunday, August 9, 2009


You will be the light in my heart that is always there.
You will be the voice that whispers, someone cares.
You will be the spirit that carries me through the fright.
And the encouragements that will help me, turn dark to light.
You are in my kitchen when I cook, and the inspiration for my book.
I hope you hear me talking to you each day, as your voice has helped me to lead the way.
When I was little, you called me your little beauty; and in turn I named you,
You touched every one you ever met. Your spirit and fancy hats no one will ever forgot.
You danced and smiled till the end, I hope papa is waiting for you when you descend.
You called me your hero but you were mine. You are the light inside that makes me shine.
I love you
Dawn—(your little beauty)

1 comment:

  1. How lovely! It brought tears to my eyes and has inspired me to want to be more like her for my own "little beauty" (she's 9 years old). Thank you so much for sharing this. - Cheryl in NC