Monday, October 17, 2011

Cucumber Yogurt Dip

Makes 4 snack size servings

My kids love this dip served with crispy veggies, pita triangles or, whole-wheat pretzels. With a yogurt base, this dip is a great source of calcium. Combined with the crunch of cucumbers, the dip has a great texture. It also doubles as a great spread for sandwiches and burgers.

8 oz. yogurt
½ cup of peeled chopped cucumber
2 tablespoons lemon
½ tablespoon Dijon mustard

1. Combine yogurt, cucumber, lemon, and mustard into a blender. Blend contents until smooth.
2. Serve with cut vegetables, crackers, or any other foods you like. 
3. Enjoy!

Cool as a Cucumber
Cucumbers are packed with nutrients that enhance brain function. The magnesium found in cucumbers helps the brain to stay focused and pay attention. Cucumbers contain potassium, which makes your brain learn and remember facts. The vitamin C found in cucumbers enters the brain and protects brain cells, acting as a defense shield against unwanted toxins. Cucumbers also provide a dose of fiber, which removes toxins from the body so that your brain doesn’t get foggy.

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