Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Camp lunch

Kids love to eat what they help prepare. So instead of bearing the burden of what to pack for your children’s lunches each day, only to find that half the food comes back uneaten, enlist their help. It’s a win, win situation! You will find they eat healthier, have less waste, and you save time, aggravation and money.
While at first this might seem time consuming and inconvenient, with some proper planning and a couple of easy tricks it can be fun and easy. It also enables us to share some great quality time with our children.

Sit down once a week and plan lunches together. If kids have a vested interest in their lunch, they’re more likely to eat it.

Slip them a note. A simple note to say I can help make their day.

Invest in “cool” lunch equipment. An insulated lunch bag and a thermos will enable your child to take a wider variety of foods for lunch, such as chilled pasta, salad

Send favorite left over dinner foods

Occasionally include home-ade--items like cookies, or muffins chips,

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