Thursday, June 7, 2012

Celebrate Summer at a Farmers Market!

Winter is long gone! Now is the perfect time to load up your kids diets with fruits and veggies. With plenty of fruit stands and farmers markets popping up, it is easy to incorporate more delicious fruits and veggies into your child's diet. Whether at a farmers market or simply at a supermarket, there are many delicious selections as the weather gets warmer. Don't let your fruit go to waste, though! Here are some helpful tips on storing popular fruits as the temperatures creep up.

Apples can be kept at room temperature or in a refrigerator for up to seven days, making them very easy to keep around. They are a great on-the-go snack, and can be baked into tons of delicious recipes as well.

Store bananas at room temperature until they are yellow with some brown spots. Some may enjoy bananas still green, while others prefer them to be almost entirely brown. Freezing bananas is also a great choice in the summer, as they make smoothies super creamy.

Grapefruits keep best at room temperature for one week or refrigerated for up to three weeks. While delicious on their own, try broiling them in the oven with brown sugar on top for a fun twist!

Peaches should be eaten within a few days of reaching desired ripeness and can be stored at room temperature or in a refrigerator. Even though peaches can ripen quickly, don't fear! If your peaches are about to go bad, just bake them into a cobbler for a simple and healthy summer dessert.

One of my favorite summer fruits is the strawberry. Since they are only in season for a short period of time, I always try to get them when I can. Strawberries, like most other summer berries, should be refrigerated for one to three days. They are a great in yogurt, smoothies, baked goods or on their own!

Cherries are best to buy when they are bright red or deep purple, firm and glossy. They usually can remain fresh for up to a week, if refrigerated. They are great as a quick snack on their own, or as a topping for breakfast cereal, yogurt or oatmeal!

Oranges are good for eating for up to two weeks if kept refrigerated. They travel well, making them great to bring on a busy day of errands. If you have a juicer, you could make your own OJ or combine it with other fruits for some variety.


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  2. Any tips on picking out a good watermelon??