Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthy Portable Snacks: Kim Bap

Makes four servings

I was first introduced to this snack during a play-date at my daughter’s friend’s house. This recipe is a simplified version of traditional Kim bap, a Korean sushi that’s composed of seaweed, “kim,” and rice, “bap.” Traditional Kim bap is filled with many additional ingredients that give it its signature kaleidoscope appearance when it is cut into cross-sections and served. This snack is easy to make and fun to eat because you can pick it up and eat it using your hands.


1 cup steamed white or brown sushi rice
4 sheets toasted, seasoned seaweed
¼ cup cucumbers, julienne
¼ carrots, julienne
¼ asparagus
1 avocado, sliced thinly


1. Halve the seasoned seaweed so that you have two long rectangles
2. Take one sheet of seaweed and lay it flat
3. Place rice on one half of the seaweed, any type of rice can be used (brown, jasmine, etc.), however white sushi rice is stickier, so that the rolls will hold its shape better. Avoid using piping hot rice, as it will make the seaweed very soggy. Just a little warmer than room temperature rice will do.)
4. Place julienned veggies in the center of the rice in one horizontal strip. Feel free to be creative and experiment with different fillings.
5. Roll seaweed starting on the side closest to you, pressing down gently on the log as you roll along.
6. Veggies should be in the center of the roll.
7. Repeat with other sheets of seaweed.
8. Eat and enjoy!


Seaweed and other sea vegetables enhance the flavor, nutritional content, and digestibility of food. Sea vegetables are extremely versatile additions to any kitchen and they offer an array of nutrients, including beta-carotene, iron, and protein. They can be added to soup, salad, and stir-fry and they also make great condiments. Additionally, seaweed has certain detoxifying characteristics that allow it to remove metallic ions from our bodies. Be sure to select a product that doesn’t use preservatives, MSG, or any other additives. Seaweed: Contains fifty-six minerals which are vital for optimum health. Plus kids love it. Roasted seaweed is a great alternative to potato chips when you are craving some thing to munch on. It also has almost no calories, making it a great addition to your healthy snacking routine!


  1. I have a question that I thought you might be able to answer regarding seaweed: My mom mentioned that seaweed might not be the healthiest choice for my kids because it works as a natural filter of toxins in the ocean. She was thinking that it might contain these toxins when eaten. Do you know how valid this theory is?

  2. Dawn, LOVE your blog about your experiences growing up with your dad in the NYT. Look forward to reading more.

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