Friday, July 23, 2010

Do You Like To Snack?

Here Are Some Tips For Better Snacking:
Do you love to snack? Most people do. As a matter of fact, snacking is a major past time for kids and adults. Good quality snacks help maintain a healthy wait and good immune system. Kids who snack do better in school, stay focused, and are more likely to participate in physical activities. Adults who snack are less cranky and better able to deal with their kids; maintain their energy, moods and weight. However, most people associate snacks with something that is convenient, comes out of a box and is sweet, salty and brightly colored with zero nutrients. Below, we provide you with some tips to help your kids become smarter snackers.

  • Give your kids a say! 
  • Have your kids help assemble snacks such as celery or carrots, whole-grain toast or whole-grain crackers, apples or oranges.
  • Have your kids help at the grocery store when you're selecting snacks or in the kitchen when you're assembling things to eat.
  • Think beyond a bag of potato chips. Offer string cheese, hummus and crackers, nuts and raisins and goji berries.
  • Don't be fooled by labeling gimmicks. Foods marketed as low-fat or fat-free can still be high in calories. Likewise, foods touted as cholesterol-free can still be high in fat, saturated fat and sugar. Check nutrition labels to find out the whole story.
  • Go for the grain. Whole-grain snacks such as whole-grain pretzels or tortillas and low-sugar, whole-grain cereals can give your children energy with some staying power. Especially with homemade guacamole or salsa.
  • Out of sight, out of mind. If the cookie jar is full, your children will probably clamor for cookies. But if there aren't any cookies in the house, fresh fruit or raw veggies may seem more appealing.
  • Think outside the box. Offer something new such as fresh pineapple, cranberries, red or yellow peppers or roasted soy nuts. Slice a whole-wheat pita and serve with hummus.
  • Mix and match. Serve baby carrots or other raw veggies with olive oil. Top celery, apples and bananas with peanut butter.
  • Revisit breakfast. Many breakfast foods such as low-sugar, whole-grain cereals and whole-grain toast make great afternoon snacks.
  • Use the freezer. Mix mashed bananas and peanut butter, spread between graham crackers and freeze. For a new twist on old snack-time favorites - freeze grapes or peeled bananas, or fill an ice cube tray with fresh watermelon juice or smoothies.
  • Have fun. Use a cookie cutter to make shapes out of low-fat cheese slices, whole-grain bread or whole-grain tortillas. Eat diced fruit with chopsticks. Give snacks funny names. Try the classic "ants on a log" - celery topped with peanut butter and raisins - or make up your own.
  • Pull out the blender. Make your own smoothies.
  • Promote independence. Make it easy for older children to help themselves. Keep a selection of ready-to-eat veggies in the refrigerator. Leave fresh fruit in a bowl on the counter. Store low-sugar, whole-grain cereal in an easily accessible cabinet.
  • Remember your leftovers. A small serving of last night's dinner might make a great snack.
  • Drinks count too. Offer your children plenty of water between meals. Liven it up with shaped ice cubes, a crazy straw, or a squirt of lemon, cranberry or other fruit juice.
  • -Practice what you preach. Let your children catch you munching raw vegetables or snacking on a bowl of grapes.
  • -Be patient. Your children's snacking habits may not change overnight. Look for positive changes over weeks or months.

Teaching your children to make healthy snack choices now will determine how they eat in the future.


  1. This is a a great blog. I'm a college student and I'm always looking for easy foods that I can make in a flash in between classes. It's difficult to stay healthy when you're on a strict schedule and these snacking suggestions have really made it easier for me

  2. I have been making ants on a log for years. always a big hit with kids.

  3. I love all your simple and super nutrious snack ideas. We all know the snacking specially on weekends. I love th emash bananas, PB with graham crackers in the freezer sounds full of energy. Thanks. Helena Burnett

  4. I love your blog, so informative and amazing recipes!

  5. This is great - I need some more healthy snack ideas!

    New to following you from MBC!

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